The sleep economy is indeedexpanding and the market for products designed to help people with sleep isgrowing rapidly. DeRUCCI has always been positioned to make people sleep better and is determined to become a global leader in healthy sleep brands. Bycooperating with the best material suppliers and bedding product manufacturersin the industry, DeRUCCI constantly exports healthy sleep solutions that meetthe needs of the times. Introducing the first healthy sleep system to redefinethe soft bed industry with customization that varies from person to person,DeRUCCI has developed into a leading brand and benchmark enterprise in thebedding industry.Download DeRUCCI Overseas Franchise Handbook.
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Company Advantages

Since its inception, DeRUCCI has been committed to helping people sleep better, and is determined to become a global leader in healthy sleep brands. It cooperates with the industry's best material suppliers and bedding product manufacturers to continuously output healthy sleep solutions that meet the needs of the times. The first healthy sleep system, redefining the soft bed industry. It is customized for each individual. Today, DeRUCCI has developed into a leading brand and benchmark enterprise in the bedding industry. Currently, there are more than 20 global stores worldwide in Australia, the United States, Singapore, Canada and so on.

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Brands Advantages

Founded in 2004, DeRUCCI has always taken "making people sleep better" as the core concept of the brand. The company is committed to embracing scientific and technological advancements and the integration of global resources, striving to continuously deliver high-quality, intelligent healthy sleep solutions to its customers. With the pursuit of product quality, DeRUCCI has won the trust and recognition of consumers around the world.

Product Advantage

DeRUCCI has been committed to research, development and innovation, insisting on combining products with advanced sleep technology to improve people's sleep quality. DeRUCCI mattresses are manufactured with advanced materials and processes, such as memory foam, spring structure, shock absorption technology, etc., which can effectively disperse pressure and regulate body temperature, providing users with comprehensive support and comfort. Whether it is ergonomic design or sleep science research, DeRUCCI is constantly innovating to improve product performance and user experience.

What you need to know to become our distributor

Familiarity with DeRUCCI, endorsement of the DeRUCCI brand culture, and a strong grasp of corporate management practices and operational standards are essential.
Candidates with prior experience in brand franchising and agency operations, particularly within the home industry encompassing building materials, furniture, household appliances, and home textiles, will be given preference.
Strong personal credibility, along with the ability to independently bear investment risks and civil liabilities, is required
A strong investment philosophy and corresponding financial capabilities are necessary, with prepared funds typically ranging between 500,000 to 2,000,000 RMB.
Exclusive representation of any other soft bedding brands is prohibited.
Priority will be given to candidates with an efficient and stable business team, extensive channels, and brand resources.
Agreement with DeRUCCI's business management model and acceptance of DeRUCCI's agent qualification review process are mandatory.
Candidates who already have, or can secure prime retail locations within mainstream regional markets, will be given preference.

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