Create a global healthy sleep culture industry headquarters base

Mousse Healthy Sleep Industry Base is located in Houjie Town, Dongguan, the "Furniture Capital of China", with a total construction area of 380,000 square meters and an area of 320 acres. It includes a sleep museum, design and R&D center, precision production line, assembly center, and training center. , marketing center, display center, logistics center, life support center, sleep experience center and ten major sections to build the world's most advanced and complete sleep culture complex.

Modern production workshop
Automated logistics center
Product R&D Center

83,000 square meters of automated production workshop

The total construction area is 83,000 square meters. Advanced sleep technology and precision production promote new changes in China's bedding manufacturing process. Improving quality, saving energy and reducing consumption, enhancing the core competitiveness of the company, and precise production management have given mousse wings to take off.

A sleep museum covering an area of 40,000 square meters

With a total construction area of 40,000 square meters, it uses a spiral architectural form and transparent texture design, and is connected by a circular and dynamic visiting route to create a dreamy display and experience space. Convey Mousse’s sleep culture, future technology and historical perspective.

Among the ten major construction sections, the construction concept of the Mousse Global Sleep Museum particularly reflects the upgrading and transformation of the Mousse cultural industry, focusing on collecting and displaying the development history of sleep culture in various countries around the world and representative product exhibitions in each period.

Let people experience and personally operate the research and development process of the "Sleep Consultant" and the special material research and development process, and convey Mousse's sleep culture, future technology and historical views.