DeRUCCI has proudly launched its third flagship store in New Taipei City, introducing an innovative range of sleep solutions to Taiwan.

DeRUCCI Debuted Flagship Store in Taiwan: A New Horizon in Luxury Sleep

Having opened its doors on June 6th, DeRUCCI's third flagship store in Taiwan arrived in New Taipei City, heralding a new era of comfort for Taiwan's sleep seekers. Nestled at No. 103, Wugong Road, Wugu District, this store has become more than just a place to buy a mattress—it's an intersection where cutting-edge sleep technology meet the plush luxury of France's renowned Treca beds. With nearly one in five people in Taiwan wrestling with sleepless nights, DeRUCCI's latest offering proved to be a game-changer, promising restful slumber and sweeter dreams.

The Sleeping Challenges in Taiwan

In today's fast-paced world, the value of a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. According to recent surveys conducted by the Taiwan Sleep Medicine Association, nearly 3.9 million Taiwanese people suffer from insomnia—the sleepless nights shared by many around the island. An epidemic of these sleepless nights has put not only health and well-being at stake but also brought forth the dire need for quality sleep solutions.

Enter DeRUCCI, the name that resonates with innovation in comfort and rest. Moved by the yawning desire of Taiwanese consumers for better sleep, DeRUCCI aspires to turn each bedroom into an oasis where tranquility and rejuvenation haven exist. With much fanfare, it will introduce the latest mattress technology with far greater benefits than simple comfort when it opens its very first flagship store in New Taipei City. These mattresses are designed as personal power centers where each minute of rest transports you into hours of energy and vitality.

The quest by DeRUCCI to address sleeping challenges does not just stop at a superior mattress. We know that if one is to get quality sleep, then this has to be harnessed from science and art through comfort and relaxation respectively. In working to combine these factors to fight sleeplessness and improve the quality of life, our products ensure that every waking moment for each individual is refreshed and ready to face the day.

The Grand Opening Event

New Taipei City, Taiwan – The Wugu District now boasts the grand opening of DeRUCCI's flagship store, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of sleep excellence. The launch drew an assembly of influential entrepreneurs and renowned figures, all keen to witness how DeRUCCI's vision is set to transform the Taiwanese mattress market.

Accompanied by the key personages - the DeRUCCI Group General Manager Wu Yan Zhao and DeRUCCI Taiwan Chairman Yu Yun He - with very famous guests, TV personality Kang Kang, and chairman Xu An Jin of the Equestrian Association, ribbon-cutting had been done to mark the opening of the event with much fanfare. As the scissors cut across the grand ribbon, what it did was something far from just marking the opening of a store; it was rather opening an era where superior sleep quality could be within reach for all.

Briefly, reporters and people close to the industry were abuzz with curiosity at the possible change DeRUCCI's innovative approach could bring. On-site demonstration gave a peek into the 'black tech' wizardry behind the mattresses: ergonomic design merged with space-age materials promising unparalleled comfort. Enthusiasm was high as attendees roamed around the showroom, each becoming a witness to the restful sleep technology of the future realized within the walls of DeRUCCI's new home in Taiwan.

Feel the Comfort

Our mattresses are designed to meet a variety of needs, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. From our bamboo charcoal mattress with knitted fabric and 3D breathable mesh to our latex mattress with three-zone independent coils and Wave Sponge, each DeRUCCI mattress offers unparalleled support and comfort. Complete your sleep experience with our pillows and bedside tables, designed to help you wake up refreshed.

Stylish Living Room Solutions

Our living room furniture epitomizes a balance between style and functionality in this space. The cabinets have E1 grade MDF, solid wood walnut, and tempered glass components to add much elegance to your home. Sofas and chairs utilize a solid wood frame, high elastic sponges, high-grade H-type fur and leather, thus ensuring comfort when used and better durability. Finish off your living space with our TV cabinets, coffee tables, and massage chairs and get a touch of both comfort and luxury.

Visit DeRUCCI Taiwan for Ultimate Sleep Solutions

DeRUCCI’s third flagship store in Taiwan is ready to welcome you. Come and experience the future of sleep on the 1st Floor, No. 103, Wugong Road, Wugu District, New Taipei City. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at (02) 2700-9968. Discover the art of sleep with DeRUCCI today. For a closer look at what makes our products so special, we invite you to visit our official website at

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