Celebrating luxury and comfort, DeRUCCI proudly announces the opening of our latest store in Macao, located at 1088 Av. Son On within the Easyhome New Retail Group Corporation Limited.

DeRUCCI's Grand Opening in Macao: Redefining Home Luxury and Comfort

On June 8th, DeRUCCI celebrated the launch of our newest store, located within the esteemed Easyhome New Retail Group Corporation Limited in Macao. Nestled at 1088 Av. Son On, Macao, this addition to the Easyhome family underscores our commitment as a global leader in luxurious and comfortable living solutions. We invite you to step into a world where elegance meets comfort, offering an immersive experience of our meticulously crafted furniture that can elevate the essence of your living spaces. Join us at our latest DeRUCCI venue and discover why our brand remains a cherished selection for discerning households around the globe.

Vision and Mission: A Commitment to Elegance and Well-Being

Long back, in 2004, DeRUCCI had a different vision: to make the quality of ordinary life better through superior comfort and design. At the heart of our very foundation lies a commitment to enhancing everyday living by crafting furniture that embodies elegance and comfort. Our mission is to helping people sleep better.

That led us, with this philosophy, onto a quest to create the world's most comfortable bed. With the realization that health starts with sound sleep, our founders worked together with the world's top research institutes studying human sleep patterns. This led to our break-through Healthy Sleep System at a time when in a world where hardly ever did sleep science connect with bed design for just such an ultimate purpose.

In 2021, our commitment to health and comfort was further underscored by forming an alliance with the World Sleep Society. Together, we champion the importance of healthy sleep, marking our support for World Sleep Day and reinforcing our position as recognized leaders in promoting restorative sleep worldwide.

20 Years of Excellence and Craftsmanship

In these20 years, DeRUCCI has grown to be one of the most prestigious luxury furniture brands in the world, now represented by more than 5,600 stores in 14 countries around the world. This is an indication of how we have succeeded in giving marvelously designed furniture collections at the juncture of ergonomic design, finest materials, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Our new store opening in Macao is both a sign and a continuance of our excellence and global journey. Here, you will see all furniture types that have won us acclaimed the world over for our precision in making.

Come On Over and Try It Out

Sink into the perfect night's sleep with our cozy bamboo charcoal mattresses, cool for you and kind to allergy sufferers. Then let our latex mattresses hug your contours, all topped off with snug pillows and cool tables for that dreamy bedroom vibe. Our walnut wood and glass furniture mix sturdiness with sleek style, making our coffee tables and TV stands the chill-out heart of your home. And when you're ready to really kick back, hit up one of our massage chairs and let it do its thing—your very own relaxation station.

DeRUCCI is here to help you create a home that’s as comfy as it is beautiful. Drop by our new Macao store to start your journey to a better living space today.For a preview of all the innovative sleep solutions we offer, visit our official website at https://global.derucci.com/.