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Falling in Love with Bedtime MomentsIndulge in Pre-sleep Relaxation

BZZ4-093C Hades

Thoughtfully Designed forCoziness in Small Spaces

Ergonomic design

Multidimensional Comfortfor Reclining

Removable and Washable forEasy Maintenance

Smooth Sailing StylishDesign

Triple Support StructureEnsuring Every Moment You Lean is Burden-Free

14CM Diameter Adjustable Circular <br> PillowAdjustable for Head and Neck Support, <br> Ensuring ProperAlignment
44cm Height, 10cm Thickness Inclined PillowSupports and Conforms to the Curves of Waist andShoulders
6cm Thickness, 20cm Height RectangularSupport PillowSupports and Adjusts to Shoulder and Neck Curves

Ergonomic Angle

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Designed at 114° angle,
Conforming to the Natural Curve of the Spine

Circular Head Pillow +Lumbar Support Pillow

Adjustable Angle of
90~100°, Custom Fit for Shoulder and Neck Comfort

Listen to Music

Leisure Reading

Taiwanese Selected Fabric,Skin-friendly and Wear-resistant

Comfortable, Environmentally Friendly, Timelessly Elegant

Crafted from high-thread-count, high-density long-fiber cotton printed fabric, it offers comfort, environmental friendliness, and timeless elegance in a rich coffee hue.

BZZ4-198 Bed Frame
MCK1-001 Mattress
ACK1-007 Bedside Table
FCK1-001 Framework
QCK1-198 Bedding
PZZ1-001 Latex Pillow

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