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Time : 2004

DeRUCCI’s first-generation sleep system was in the age of spring mattress. In this age, together with many bedding brands, DeRUCCI gave up hard beds and stepped to the “Comfortable Bed” as generally understood by people.


Time : 2009

DeRUCCI’s second-generation sleep system was in the age of “bed frame plus mattress”. For more comfortable sleep, DeRUCCI added adjustable bed frame and a mattress designed to suit the seven parts of human body. The benefit of this change lied in that the adjustable bed frame made the bedding more formfitting, and its cushioning effect brought more restful sleep; the seven-area mattress had better supporting performance due to the division of human body.


Time : March 21, 2012

DeRUCCI’s third-generation sleep system, namely, DeRUCCI T5 intelligentized healthy sleep system integrating ergonomics, sleep environment and intelligent technology, completely went beyond previous two stages, entering into the age of intelligent adjustment of human structure! It included four systems of fully-automatic electric intelligent frame, automatic adjustment of air pressure mattress, gel micro-environment adjustment, and bed product micro-environment adjustment, actually generalizing the concept of “system” for sleep; it not only went further in science and technology, but also pursued a “customized” sleep service.


Time : March 21, 2014

T6 Intelligentized Customization System

DeRUCCI’s fourth-generation sleep system - it provides a complete set of sleep systems for customers by scanning to measure human body’s height, weight, especially body size and other data to analyze. By placing independent spring blocks of different harnesses and lengths in the places for shoulders, back and hips in the bed frame, with the corresponding mattresses and pillows, it provides support to these parts, fully satisfying everyone’s unique and natural sleep needs and bringing really comfortable sleep to people


Time : January 19, 2015

It’s the world’s first intelligent self-adaptive healthy sleep system- T7 test system. T7 intelligent self-adaptive healthy sleep system was developed by the DeRUCCI’s Healthy Sleep Research Center at the University of Louvain in Belgium for four years. Currently, it’s the most advanced intelligent adjustment system in the field of sleep.

T7 intelligent self-adaptive healthy sleep system can automatically perceive different body pressures from different sleeping positions when people are lying on it, output data quickly and adjust the hardness of mattress in support area for eight parts from shoulders to legs. When a man is lying on back, his waist needs a little support and his buttocks need to sink, the body pressure test system will automatically feedback the test data to the intelligent control center, which will consequently order the adaptive system to adjust slightly hard to waist and a little soft to buttocks; when a man is lying on side, the body pressure test system will quickly re-test the pressure for analysis and direct the self-adaptive system to adjust slightly soft to the shoulders and buttocks, and a little hard to the waist; when a body lying on side slantwise, the body pressure test system will quickly re-test the pressure for analysis and direct the self-adaptive system to make corresponding adjustment.


Time : July 19, 2017

TS Intelligentized Customization System

In addition to creating exclusive bedding through personal customization, TS intelligent sleep system is also powerful in intelligent monitoring and regulation of sleep. By tracking the three kinds of data, physiological indicators, sleep data and health indicators respectively, the mattress matched for the TS intelligent system can generate a daily sleep report for users, upload reports to APP synchronously, and give advice on sleep by combining with the sleep condition. Meanwhile, the system’s built-in alpha-wave chip combined with artificial intelligence machine learning algorithm can realize intelligent adjustment of brainwave during sleep, shorten sleep latency and improve sleep quality.

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