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DeRUCCI Arrives American High Point Market

2018-05-08T03:10:38+00:00 五月 5th, 2018|
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As one of the largest and most famous furniture exhibition trade fairs in the world, the high point exhibition has attracted the attention of international buyers and designers. From the beginning of the United States furniture major production slowly to the home main trade area, the high point can also be said to be the inheritor of furniture history. The first exhibition held in 1913, and each April and October will be held every year. More than 85000 visitors will attend the exhibition, at the same time, the average of the present will have 2100 businessmen from more than 110 countries, including 850 retail companies which are the world’s leading furniture manufacturers. Therefore, the professional home furnishing industry buyers have never been absent from the high point exhibition, in the home industry, the high point is all-inclusive, is the commercial procurement of the choice. At the high point market, if you want it, you can find it here. The organizing committee has arranged 45 square feet of area which is dedicated to the display decorative household items, including furniture accessories, lamp decoration, wall decoration and carpet products.

The spring peak of 2018 officially kicked off on April 14! To become the world’s most respected health sleep brand leader of the DeRUCCI furniture arrives. With “customer satisfaction, integrated innovation, cooperation and win-win” as the core values, DeRUCCI carefully selected the exhibition of high product exhibition, the hottest fashion trend, the most bright eye geometry and combined with the world’s top fashionable designing. To create unique series of new products more attentively to customers, and let every customer in exploring DeRUCCI’s products, can leave deep impression to the mousse household.
With the rapid development of society and the increasing quality of life, people’s life is becoming more and more complicated. The design of DeRUCCI is also closely related to life, and the design of the European style is simple, which makes people look more comfortable, leaving the entire irritable mood out of the sky. In detail, we adopt refined superior technology of leather and combined with the location of human body engineering design, for our guest can really feel comfortable when using our products, which we always follow the “customer first, produce best” values.

To face of a global diversified economic model, in this era of each other, competition is intense, DeRUCCI also do not forget to learn excellent culture and constantly learn to take the initiative to innovation. So you can see many different styles in a product now. Sense of science and technology, modern elements and combined with the classical aesthetic sense of soft and the influence of various cultural elements, the DeRUCCI’s products burst out of the unique aesthetic feeling, to the guest can bring a feeling of pleasing scenery. In the “continuous learning, active innovation, resource integration,” the DeRUCCI is recognized by people around the world, and its products will become more and more get of people love.

DeRUCCI is still changing and improving,
Please keep your eyes on DeRUCCI,
One day in the future,
We will bring you a different surprise!

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