DeRUCCI presents protective materials for COVID-19 to distributors

In the past few months, COVID-19 has swept the world. During this difficult period, DeRUCCI has always been concerned about the epidemic area, not only donating materials to the epidemic area through charitable organizations many times, but also sending protective materials to our distributors around the world when the global epidemic is serious. Although the [...]

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DeRUCCI Moves Forward|Health Sleep Never Stops!

The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 hits countless people and companies. There are many people who haven’t returned to work. There are thousands of stores that could not opened. And today, the epidemic is still on the cusp. But Poverty makes change, change makes progress. Instead of standing back in the face of this sudden [...]

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World’s Largest DeRUCCI Flagship Store Settles in Melbourne

The largest DeRUCCI flagship store in the world covering an area of 1,850 square meters and with all kinds of products grandly opened on October 26th! The opening ceremony attracted people from all walks of life and surrounding customers, and the store is crowded and lively on the opening day. Mr. Shi weiyi, the general [...]

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DeRUCCI opens its first flagship store in France

On November 1st , DeRUCCI held the opening ceremony of its first flagship store in Paris, which is also the first flagship store in France. Wang Bingkun, president of DeRUCCI, Pierre Elmalek, president of Maison de la literie Group (MDL) in France, Maurice Barilone, chief designer of DeRUCCI, Shi Weiyi, general manager of DeRUCCI International [...]

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Congratulation! DeRUCCI Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Flagship Store Grand Opening!

With the promotion of the “the Belt and Road”, China’s investment in Southeast Asia has surged in recent years. DeRUCCI actively responds to the initiative of “the Belt and Road”. After completing the expansion of more than 20 developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, DeRUCCI has accelerated the layout in Southeast Asia in [...]

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Derucci in Dubai & The commerce and trade development conference of middle east Chinese entrepreneurs

♦Derucci is very honored to get support from Dubai Royal Family and local government♦ “NEW TIME·NEW CONCEPT--The commerce and trade development conference of middle east Chinese entrepreneurs” --the largest Chinese business conference in the Middle East,was held grandly in the Emirate tower on April 15th 2019. ♥Derucci in the Emirate tower♦ The project has received support [...]

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Congratulation! The First DeRUCCI Flagship Store In Vietnam Grand Opening!

At the beginning of 2019, DeRUCCI has continued progress of globalization plan. The step of DeRUCCI globalization will never stop. In two weeks after the new year, DeRUCCI has a good news coming --- A new overseas flagship store opens grandly! On January 13th, 2019, the first DeRUCCI flagship store in Vietnam Hanoi, was grandly [...]

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Opportunity and challenge- DeRucci Opening Ceremony catch up with the trade war truce

DeRUCCI Westfield Arcadia Mall Flagship Store was grand opened on 1st Dec, the same day which Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agree to a temporary truce on trade war. In escalation of trade wars, DeRUCCI maintained sustainable development trend in the United States. The first DeRUCCI flagship store of Arcadia locates in Westfield Arcadia with [...]

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DeRUCCI Debuts At Melbourne Cup Carnival, Celebrating The Stakes Day

On November 10th, Australia “the race that stops a nation” – the Melbourne Cup Carnival ushered in the last day of the event. People in Melbourne and even other Australian cities were attracted to the same place by this centenary event –Flemington Race Course. And on this day , DeRUCCI also appeared as an official [...]

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Celebrating Melbourne Cup Carnival, DeRUCCI Debuts At Stakes Day

Currently, the 158th Melbourne Cup Carnival is in full swing. In this Carnival, DeRUCCI will debut in the arena as the official sponsor of the Melbourne Cup Carnival! And On November 10th, we will come to the special race named with DeRUCCI! The Melbourne Cup Carnival is Australia's most famous horse racing festival and one [...]

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