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DeRUCCI· Australia’s 15th store opened in Melbourne

On May 26th , 2018, DeRUCCI· Australia’s 15th store opened in Melbourne locating in Springvale Homemaker Centre (IKEA). (The store occupies 1000 square meters) (DeRUCCI Melbourne store high-end bedding series) It is an honor to invited Australian ambassador- Mr. Chap B. Chow, Kinston city councilor of Australia- Mr. George, the Chairman of the association of the Chinese communities in [...]

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DeRUCCI First Flagship Store of Dubai Open

DeRUCCI first flagship store of Dubai Open on April 26th , 2018. DeRUCCI’s store opening in Dubai is an important step in the process of DeRUCCI internationalization, which means that it is historic significance to enter the market of 600 million Arab populations. The flagship store locates in Main Street- Sheikh Zayed of the Emirates, which [...]

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DeRUCCI Flagship Store in Philippines Opened

On May 4th , the first Philippines flagship store of international famous brand- DeRUCCI opened in Manila. The new store is located in the capital of the Philippines, which is known as the "New York of Asia". It is the most developed area, and the store building is the ancient architectural style of Spain, which is spacious,bright and convenient traffic. Guests [...]

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DeRUCCI Arrives American High Point Market

As one of the largest and most famous furniture exhibition trade fairs in the world, the high point exhibition has attracted the attention of international buyers and designers. From the beginning of the United States furniture major production slowly to the home main trade area, the high point can also be said to be the [...]

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